Getting A Bike For Christmas?

Re-Cycle your bike and help provide sustainable transport in Africa

Re~Cycle has 5 bike and part drop-off points in London, thanks to Action Bikes, who have five stores in Central & West London.

Building on the already successful parts recycling scheme they run for us, members of the public can now drop off not only bikes but any spare parts with a bit of life left in them. This is completely free service there is no obligation to make a purchase in store, although I am told they do like to receive biscuits!

Re~Cycle does ask donors of bikes to also donate some money, so they can run the charity - please and thank you (in-store or online).

So... If you're in West London and you have a neglected steed that can be put to a second use, there is no excuse. Get yourself down to Action Bikes and hand it over! While you are in the mood to tidy up, what about taking those tyres you don't use and those pedals? Inner tubes with a hole in are very much needed, please.

They will go to Isis young offenders prison to be refurbished, prior to shipping to Africa.
Action Bikes shops can be found here -

December 20, 2011