Head Teacher Designate Appointed For Jewish Primary School

Kate Baum will head the first Jewish primary school to open in South London in 70 years

South London Jewish Primary School (SLJPS) which opens in September 2013 has appointed Kate Baum as its head teacher designate. In taking up the role Kate will be the head teacher designate of the first Jewish primary school to open in South London in 70 years.

Kate who has spent much of her professional career in Wandsworth and is currently head teacher of Alderbrook Primary School in Balham. Joining SLJPS part-time from January will enable Kate to invest a significant amount of time in the school’s vital pre-opening stage. From 1st April 2013 the role will move to a full-time position. During this time the head teacher designate will work closely with the SLJPS Trust and the Steering Group to further develop the key features of the school to build an exciting and exceptional learning environment for the very first cohort of children. This time will also see Kate begin to recruit staff, finalise the curriculum and work with the governors on agreeing a whole range of school policies.

Kate will also take this time to develop cross-communal ties, both within the Jewish community and across the wider community. This is something Kate personally feels very strongly about. As a head teacher of SLJPS Kate is dedicated to “making a difference” to every child and to the community as a whole. Believing that children should not only be confident and successful learners but should be confident about who they are as individuals and how they fit into, and can contribute to the diverse society in which they are growing up.

Shirley Lee, chair of SLJPS commented: “We are thrilled to have attracted such a strong head teacher designate to lead our vision into reality. Kate is an exceptional educator with a proven track record in both mainstream and Jewish education. We are delighted to welcome her to the team October 12, 2012ll share our enthusiasm.”

“I have spent the majority of my career teaching in multi-cultural mainstream education and the opportunity to combine my passion for being a head teacher with a personal commitment to a Jewish way of life makes being the head of SLJPS particularly exciting,” said Kate. “I am enthused by the school’s vision of setting up a pluralist educational environment with a 50% faith : 50% open place ratio, which truly reflects the unique make up of the South London Community. I am also very excited to be joining the school which I believe will be a significant factor in ensuring the continuity and future development of Jewish Life in South London.”

October 11, 2012

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