New Classes For More Weight Loss

Sara Fremantle offers more choices to help you get to that slimmer self

Slimming World is an incredible weight-loss plan where you will be amazed at how much food you can eat - no pills or potions, just masses of delicious food! If you don't believe it take a look at Janet, the Woman of the Year 2015 for the Southfields branch. Janet joined Slimming World at Southfields in August 2014 and has so far lost an incredible 7.5 stone! She was voted the group's Woman of the Year 2015 and is a valued member of the group, helping out with Weigh and Pay on the Social Team.

Janet before joining Slimming World Janet August 2015

Janet commented: "I was amazed at how quickly I lost weight even though I seemed to be eating loads. I now feel the best I have felt in years. I am healthier, have more energy and feel 10 years younger! I thoroughly recommend Slimming World, especially to those who like me have struggled to lose weight despite trying every diet imaginable. It has made an enormous difference to my life and that is down to the fantastic support I have received from the Slimming World group."

Groups are held all over the UK and all it takes is just one hour of your time, once a week. The meetings are friendly, fun and most importantly, 100% confidential. You will learn all about Slimming World's incredible Food Optimising plan as well as receive advice on Body Magic - a way of incorporating exercise into your daily life. There are Food Tastings (all SW-friendly of course!), competitions and most of all, support and understanding.

There is a closed Facebook page where members can share recipes and ideas and also access to Lifeline Online, Slimming World members own website. On top of this, your Consultant will give you her 'phone number and email address should you require support at any time.

The weekly cost is just £4.95 plus a one-off joining fee which should be £10, but is currently half price at only £5. There are also two opportunities to get a free membership voucher is the following magazines.

Special Offers:
Woman's Own
(1-7 September edition)

BEST magazine
(8-14 September edition)

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Sara Fremantle is the Consultant for Putney and Southfields and lost 11 stone herself, so understands exactly how you are feeling.

Sara before...... August 2010 Sara at the Slimming World photoshoot August 2012


August 30, 2015