Bus Passengers To Bear Brunt Of Boris’s 'Lack Of Ambition'

Residents face "10 years of above inflation fare rises" accuses AM Fiona Twycross

This week the Mayor of London revealed that he will be hitting Londoners with 10 years of above inflation fare rises. This follows five years of above inflation fare rises since he became Mayor in 2008.

The plans were revealed in Transport for London’s latest Business Plan which sets out it’s priorities for the next 10 years. As Chair of TfL the Mayor has the final decision over what happens. In the same document it clearly states there will only be a 0.06% increase in bus capacity over the next three years, even though London’s population is growing and more passengers will have to seek cheaper forms of travel as family budgets continue to be squeezed.

In January fares will rise above inflation again, since 2008 this will mean bus fares have risen by 55% from 90p to £1.40 for a single journey.

Labour London Assembly Member Fiona Twycross said:
“Under Boris residents in Merton and Wandsworth are now facing 10 years of above inflation fare rises. We have already seen fares go up above inflation for the last five years. The Mayor needs to realise that people are struggling, it is time he reined these inflation-busting fares in.

“Whilst there are programmes to improve the Overground and Tube there are virtually no plans to improve our buses. People’s incomes are really being squeezed with rising fuel, food and rent costs. Bus use is increasing but there has not been any new investment for more routes or extra capacity. All we have seen are a handful of new Routemasters which are a drop in the ocean.

“Bus passengers fares have gone up by 55% since Boris became Mayor, with extra pressures on household budgets where does Boris expect people to keep finding extra money for his fare rises?

“Rather than campaigning for more tax cuts for the very richest, Boris should be spending more time on helping working Londoners who are struggling just to get by.”

Fiona Twycross

December 10, 2012