95% Of Londoners Can Get WiFi Underground

Virgin Media & Three sign wholesale deal giving access to Virgin’s London Tube WiFi service

By the end of July, Three’s customers will be able to enjoy full access to Virgin Media WiFi at over 130 Tube stations, including on ticket halls, on escalators and on platforms, for no extra cost.

The agreement means Virgin Media has struck wholesale deals with all of the UK’s major networks who collectively account for around 95% of London mobile users.

Virgin Broadband and Virgin Mobile customers get WiFi on the Tube at no extra cost, whilsts non customers can purchase a WiFi Pass to use Virgin Media WiFi on the London Underground.

Joe Lathan, director of broadband at Virgin Media said:
“With every network operator now on board with Virgin Media WiFi on London Underground, it is great to know we are keeping people on the Tube connected at no extra cost. Our unique fibre optic network has enabled us to bring connectivity to even the deepest Tube stations and we’re looking forward to getting even more parts of the capital online next week.”

Danny Dixon, director of customer strategy, Three said:
“Giving our customers access to free WiFi on the London underground is another step towards them being able to enjoy the benefits of being connected no matter where they are. Our customers will also have the added benefit of being able to use our new Three InTouch app, which means they will be able to surf the web, as well as make and receive calls and texts when they are in Wi-Fi enabled London tube stations.”

Gareth Powell, London Underground’s Director of Strategy and Service Development, said: “We’re delighted that another mobile operator is on board because it means more of our customers benefit from live travel information, news and social media throughout the majority of our stations.”

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July 4, 2014