Have Your Say On Tube Ticket Office Closures

Transport watchdog opens 6-week online dialogue

London TravelWatch will be launching a six-week website consultation on 15 August to give passengers the opportunity to comment on London Underground’s planned ticket office changes.

Transport for London recently outlined its blueprint for future changes to the Underground service which, amongst other things, proposes changes to ticket offices. This resulted in the tube unions holding strike action in protest at the measures. 

London TravelWatch wants to find out passengers’ views on the proposed changes, how they use ticket offices and any difficulties they foresee. It is hoped that this will allow TfL to identify compromise measures to fit the needs of local stations.

Janet Cooke, Chief Executive of the independent transport watchdog, commented: "London Underground are proposing a wide range of changes to how stations are run and we want to ensure that the changes to the way people buy tickets take account of what passengers need when using the stations."

Janet Cooke continued: "Once the consultation period is over we will analyse the results and use them to inform our formal response to London Underground about their proposals.  This will include identifying any additional measures that might need to be put in at individual stations to help meet the needs of passengers."

Londoners can take part in the latest Tube consultation by visiting London Travelwatch's website."

August 15, 2014