A Letter From Local Assembly Member Richard Tracey

In response to Mayor Johnson's tax cut

Dear Editor,

So there you have it.

It could not be clearer: in his first three years as Mayor of London Boris Johnson froze his share of the Council Tax while he slashed bureaucracy and got on with the business of running London rather than blowing it on the “bread and circuses” of his predecessor.

This year, because of astute management and mindful of the difficult economic times many Londoners face he has cut his bill by 1%.

Contrast that with the 152% increase under the previous Mayor.

Four years of Boris has delivered sound management and a focus on what matters to London and an end to the frivolous binge-spending of the City Hall he inherited.

Yours faithfully

Richard Tracey AM

London Assembly member for Merton & Wandsworth

February 1, 2012