Jane Cooke Chosen As Winner of White Dental Room's Competition

Dr. Raffaella Gabassi will put the smile back on the face of local mother of four

Local mother of four Jane Cooke has been chosen as the winner of White Dental and Cosmetic Room's Smile Competition. She was chosen from a large number of entrants by Dr. Raffaella Gabassi Principal of White Dental Rooms after being touched by Jane's letter.

47 year old Jane wrote, "Due to alcohol issues my partner left the family home just over six years ago, since then I have bought up my four children more or less single handed. To be honest I have been truly blessed and they are all doing well. The eldest is at University and the younger three are all students with hopes ambitions and dreams. I was working as a learning support assistant in a primary school whilst my children were younger and when my partner left and his illness got worse, I had to stop work to gather strength again to look after my children alone. They are and always will be the priority."

She continued, "Moving on now my youngest twins are 16 I have finally got back into the world of work after a four year break but still working hard during that time as a single mum! During all this time, like many other mums, I seem to have put myself bottom of the list. With a limited budget and always someone needing something my teeth and I have been low on the list of priorities. I really need to address this situation with your help!"

"My teeth have always been the bane of my life and now I am at a stage of having lost crowns, bridges and general wear and tear that I really don't seem to have any side and back teeth. All I have been offered is to extract them all and to have a set of false teeth! I consider at 47 that there must be another way."

She concluded, "I love to laugh more now than ever as life has to a certain extent, got easier but I stop myself having a hearty, throw my head back kind of laugh as to be honest my mouth is a mess. I believe a new smile will be a start to gaining back my confidence and the realisation that good times can and do lay ahead and that they, and I, are deserving of sharing the smiles of life."

White Dental Rooms Dr. Raffaella Gabassi said, "We picked Jane as our winner as her story was heart warming. Having given full priority to raising her four children single handed it's no wonder that Jane neglected herself and her teeth for so many years. We felt that this lovely lady was more than worthy to win the competition and we are looking forward to helping Jane regain her confidence and her lost smile."

She continued, "To have your smile given back to you is something that makes our profession one of the most rewarding and satisfying professions of all. There is nothing better than seeing someone smile again with confidence and happiness, it is soul changing and life changing. It rewards both parties, and to be able to do this for someone that has dedicated so much of her life to help others is even more motivating."

Speaking about the treatment plan, Dr Gabassi explained that Jane will have to have several extractions, teeth whitening, crowns, a bridge and upper and lower partial dentures to replace the lost posterior molar teeth. Jane will also have some botox treatment to help the lines around her eyes and the frown line between her eyes.

"We are all very excited about the final outcome."

August 10, 2010