Section 60 Stop And Search Authorised

Giving officers more powers to conduct stop and searches throughout the area

Following a double stabbing at Putney Postal Delivery Office this morning (12th Septeber) a Section 60 order under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 has been authorised for areas within Putney and Wandsworth and also in neighbouring Richmond. It gives the force additional powers to police officers, allowing them to stop and search anyone in a particular area for a set period of time - without requiring reasonable grounds to do so.

The affected locations are as follows: The borough of Wandsworth, Mortlake and Barnes ward in the Richmond Upon Thames Police areas.

This means that until 02:45am on Friday the 13th of September, Constables in uniform can use this power to stop and search in the area specified, specifically to prevent and detect the carrying of dangerous instruments or offensive weapons.

Visit the met police website to find out more about how the police use s.60, stop and search and what your rights are:

September 12, 2019