Common Sense Ways To Cut Commuters Fares

Assembly Member Richard Tracey calls for further cuts to fares


The Mayor of London’s decision to lower the cap on daily Oyster fares will benefit the millions of part-time and home workers in Wandsworth, and across London, who don’t need to commute by tube or rail for 5 days a week. It also gives people a real incentive to cut their costs by cycling to work for a day or two a week. Making commuting cheaper and easier for people with varied work and travel patterns is a priority for me, and after two policy reports and a recent 90-day public consultation for Londoners, I’m pleased the Mayor and transport bosses have listened and are acting.

Now that we’ve taken the first step, we should go further to bear down on fares for everybody by completely reforming TfL and cutting waste. Let’s get on with fast tracking the introduction of driverless trains, introducing sponsorship on the Tube, and scrapping free ‘nominee’ travel passes for friends and flatmates of TfL staff. These common-sense policies would save hundreds of millions of pounds every year, yet more cash that can be put back into the pockets of Londoners.

Richard Tracey
GLA Conservative Assembly Member for Merton and Wandsworth

November 21, 2014