Putney and Wimbledon Brass Band To Launch With A Bang

First public performance at Wimbledon Park Fireworks night on Saturday 4 November


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It may be unusual for a brass band to start its life in 2017 - especially in London - but Putney and Wimbledon Brass Band hope to start with a bang at this wonderful community event.

The band, which features traditional British instruments such as cornets, horns, trombones and tubas, brings together local players of a wide range of ages from across Putney and Wimbledon to create a new community group for the local area.

The band’s musical director, Sam Topp, said: “South west London may not have the same history and tradition of brass banding as the north of England, but the desire to create something that is focused on the idea of community is just as strong here in Putney and Wimbledon. I can’t wait to show everyone what the band can do, and to encourage others to dust off their cornets, trombones and tubas to come and join us”.

Traditionally, brass bands have been associated with mining communities, and despite a loyal following, the number of brass bands is in decline nationally. Sam Topp said: “Some might be pessimistic about the future of brass banding in Britain, but I like to take a ‘brass half full’ approach. We’re going to start off on a high note and blow away any doubts”.

Brass bands also have a strong tradition of local pride and community spirit, and it is hoped that the band will become a regular sight throughout the boroughs of Wandsworth and Merton at local events, as well as competing against other bands in competitions.

Speaking about the birth of this new band, Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond, pictured right, said: "I think it is fantastic that a Brass Band is being set up in Wimbledon. We are lucky to have a thriving range of community groups in our area, to which this will be a welcome addition. I am sure their first performance at the Wimbledon Park fireworks on 4th November will be a huge success and the first of many locally."

Wandsworth Mayor Cllr McDonnell wished the band every success in a letter to the band, saying: " It is an excellent incentive, and I truly hope it will be satisfying and exciting to be part of. I am sure you will all bring immense pleasure to the community".

The band plays a rich mix of quality music, from a traditional marches to ABBA and Queen, all with the classic ‘warm’ brass band sound. They are looking for new and returning players and are available for hire in the local area.

Residents will have lots of opportunities to hear the band play carols over the Christmas period – one of the most popular times for brass music. The band will be seen busking on the streets of Putney and Wimbledon throughout December to raise money for music, rehearsal space, and uniforms.

For membership inquiries, bookings and further information, contact info@pwbrassband.com, or visit the band website at www.pwbrassband.com. The band is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the handle pwbrassband.

Tickets for Merton’s fireworks events are available to purchase from www.merton.gov.uk/events/fireworks-displays

October 31, 2017