School Run Motorists Face £120 Fines For 'Idling'

As part of Mayor's latest plans to tackle air and noise pollution

Motorists who leave their engines 'idling' whilst dropping off their children to school could face fines of up to £120. The move is part of Mayor of London Boris Johnson's Air Quality Strategy which also seeks to target delivery van drivers, taxis and buses.

Although criticised for putting further burden on motorists' already stretched finances, the Mayor says he is "firmly committed" to cleaner air in the capital.

Under the plans, no-idling zones which target driver who are parked rather than those stuck in traffic could be established within months with an information campaign aimed at parents who leave cars running when dropping off or collecting school children.

Johnson does not believe the current £20 fine is an adequate deterrent even to those who are aware of its existence. He says higher fines will encourage more council traffic wardens to issue tickets.

London Assembly members have called for a 'proper education campaign' so people know what they're doing wrong before they are landed with heavy fines.

August 7, 2012