Wimbledon Milkman Saves The Day

Rescuing a tiny Putney pooch Stella two miles away from her home

Stella & Alexandra reunited thanks for Milkman Ian Beardwell

The milkman, based at Wimbledon depot of milk&more, has once again gone beyond the call of duty, by saving a pint-sized pooch he found soaking wet and shivering during a torrential storm in Putney. Ian Beardwell spotted the tiny frightened dog outside a house during his round in the early hours of the morning and following failed attempts to contact her owner, the milkman of 25 years wrapped her in a towel, placed her beside him in the front seat of his electric float and continued his deliveries.

Stella, the Jack Russell and Chihuahua cross, had been scared by loud thunder and heavy rain and had escaped through a cat flap in her home. When Ian finally managed to get through to her worried owner Alexandra, he found out that Stella had travelled two miles across the 60mph A3 trunk road to Alexandra’s boyfriend’s home in Southfields, south west London at 5am.
Explaining her delight at being reunited with her little pooch, Alexandra said:
“Stella escaped through my cat Pingu's cat flap and I didn't realise until I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I didn't answer it but it made me wonder where Stella was as she usually sits at the bottom of my bed and I know she hates storms.
"I was horrified when she was nowhere to be found and when my phone rang again, I answered and Ian explained he had her. I couldn't believe how far she'd made it and across such a busy road. She'd only been to my boyfriend's house with me three times, so it's amazing she found her way. She was soaking wet and freezing when I got her back and if it hadn't been for him, I dread to think what might have happened. Ian's a complete hero."

Ian with Stella

Commenting on the slightly alternative route his day took that morning, Ian added:
“It was a very wet night, with some of the worst rainstorms I can remember. When I heard Stella whimpering, at first I thought it was a baby fox, but then I realised it was a very wet dog. She was very well behaved on my round and thankfully the owner's telephone number was on the collar, so eventually I was able to explain what was happening and agreed to meet. Alex was very emotional when I handed Stella back to her and I was pleased I was able to help. But really it was just a good deed, like many of us milkmen do every day!"
Father of two Ian, whose father and grandfather were also milkmen, has been awarded the Milk Hero of the Month Award from milk&more after Trevor Sayer, Wimbledon Depot Manager nominated him for his good deed:
“We’re very proud of Ian for his actions. Every day, milkmen and women go above and beyond to help those in the community and this is what we believe sets us apart. Ian is really deserving of the Milk Hero of the Month Award.”

November 21, 2016