HACAN Welcomes Heathrow's Plans To Reduce Noise

But stand against any plans for third runway

Today (30th May) Heathrow published the report ‘A quieter Heathrow’, setting out Heathrow’s commitments to reducing aircraft noise while safeguarding the UK’s connectivity.

In the report, Heathrow makes a range of new commitments on noise which include publicly ranking airlines on ‘noise performance’, trialling new departure routes with NATS, proposing to trial steeper approaches into Heathrow, establishing a new noise insulation scheme to replace the existing schemes, exploring innovative solutions to noise insulation for schools such as ‘adobe’1 buildings and proposing a significant increase in fines for airlines that break noise limits.

HACAN, which campaigns for residents under the Heathrow flight paths, welcomed the measures. But it warned that that the measures would not make any plans for a third runway acceptable.

The measures outlined today include planes to name and fine the noisiest aircraft and improved noise mitigation measures for residents as well as support for steeper approach paths, the introduction of respite periods for residents, more comprehensive noise mitigation schemes as well as closer commitment to working with local communities.

HACAN chair said: “These measures are welcome and will improve the noise climate for residents. But all the good work could be undone if a third runway was built and the huge increase in flight numbers would almost certainly outweigh the benefits these measures will bring.”

May 30, 2013