Putney’s MP Condemns Local Violence

Police advice: ' law abiding people not to get caught up in what is happening'

Putney's MP, Justine Greening, today strongly condemned the looting and violence which took place in Clapham Junction last night, with further disturbances occurring in Putney & Roehampton.


Justine has been in regular communication with senior police officers and this evening attended a special Gold Group police meeting to ensure everything is done to make sure there are no further disturbances locally.

The police have advised residents to take normal precautions to prevent against burglaries and car thefts, locking windows and doors, keeping valuables out of sight, and for businesses to ensure that as far as possible premises are fully secured. The police have also appealed to parents to take responsibility for their children and stop them from roaming the streets at night.

The police also emphasised to Justine how important it is for law abiding people not to get caught up in what is happening so they are urging people not to spectate and to let the police get on with the job of dealing with these thugs.

Following Justine’s meeting with the police she said:
 “These people are a disgrace with their complete disregard for our community and law abiding people’s businesses & property. They seek to undermine the rule of law and everything good that our community and country stands for.”

“Today I have had further meetings with the Wandsworth Acting Borough Commander, Gerry Campbell, along with local businesses and residents to make sure they stay safe and together we protect our community as best we can.”

“As a precautionary measure I am aware a number of businesses have closed throughout Wandsworth this evening. It is disgraceful that criminals attacking these businesses and private property have no respect for our community. It is encouraging the police have gathered a large amount of CCTV evidence, which alongside other evidence and intelligence, including SmartWater and fingerprinting, will be used to identify, arrest and prosecute offenders.  I hope to see each and every looter identified and prosecuted.”

August 9, 2011