Tory Councillor Suspended Over Racism Allegations

Merton's David Dean allegedly said ‘Sadiq Khan would treat white people like dirt’ on a Putney doorstep

Image from David Dean's website

A Putney resident has told the Evening Standard that a Tory councillor made racist comments when canvassing his house in before the recent election for London Mayor.

Mr Dean was canvassing for Zac Goldsmith in the Back Zac campaign and he apparently told the resident: "“as a white man ... you will be a pariah in your own town. He will treat you like dirt”

David Dean (left) campaigning with Zac Goldsmith in St Mary's Putney 3rd March 2016

According to a Conservative spokesman, Mr Dean has been suspended from the party:
“As soon as we became aware of his comments he was immediately suspended from the party, pending an investigation.”

Mr Dean told the Evening Standard that he was not racist and that “banter” had been taken out of context:
“I’m not a racist… have you met my wife? She’s from Cyprus.”

In his website Mr Dean states:
'I have prioritised delivering a better place for our residents. My main aim has always been to represent the residents and to make sure their voices are always heard by those who make decisions.'

May 27, 2016