"London has always pulled together when times have been tough. Let’s not stop now"

Assembly Member Leonie Cooper urges Londoners to move forward

We must now recognise and accept the democratic choice of the British people to leave the European Union. Of course, this is going to be difficult for many people to accept because the vote was so close and London as a whole voted to remain in the EU. This trend was echoed in Wandsworth where over 75 per cent of residents voted to remain.

Emotions are riding high as people consider the implications of Brexit for themselves, their families, our city and our country. And let’s be in no doubt, this decision will have significant consequences for the lives of people to live and work in London.

It’s vital that London has a strong voice in the negotiations regarding Britain’s exist from the EU, and London Mayor Sadiq Khan is right to call on the government to include him in all negotiations going forward. There are going to be challenges ahead, and we must fight for the best deal for our city.

As we move forward on this new path, we must also maintain our unity. The organisers of this week’s non-partisan “London Stays” rally in Trafalgar Square rightly said that “division got us into this, and it probably won’t help get us out of it.”

London has always pulled together when times have been tough. Let’s not stop now.


Leonie Cooper AM
Labour London Assembly Member for Merton and Wandsworth

June 30, 2016