Be More Visible On Your Bike

Win the latest cycle safety measure for the whole family

With the nights drawing in we are all far more aware of the need for being visible on the roads and especially for giving our children as much protection as possible without restricting their every move.

INDIC8OR is a new cycle safety solution which allows cyclists, runners, horse riders and other road users to turn right with confidence. Turning right in traffic can often be difficult, certainly when commuting in the failing light or the dark of Winter and the INDIC8OR, a strap on light that is worn on your wrist and flashes when your arm is raised to indicate provides a lightweight and affordable (RRP £17.99) solution to this tricky manoeuvre. The INDIC8OR makes the user appear wider on the road when signalling, encouraging motorists to give them a wider berth and as it is fully adjustable it can be worn by adults and children alike, its splash-proof designs means it can be worn in most weather conditions.

The story behind the design

The idea for the INDIC8OR came about in 2008 when Ken Tedder, a London Taxi Driver of 30 years, almost came to blows with a young female cyclist on Westminster Bridge. Despite raising her arm to indicate right Ken didn’t see her and had to swerve to avoid her. This was not the first near miss by far that he had witnessed as a cabbie.

An electrician by trade, Ken went home and began to design the most obvious safety gadget, a cyclist indicator. Not just a flashing light which is all too common on the roads and to which drivers can become oblivious, but one which only flashes when the arm is raised to indicate a turn so when one just starts flashing in front of them, drivers should be more likely to take note. Ken approached Modern Safety Solutions Ltd in December 2011 to help bring the product to market.

Feedback from The Cycle Show in Birmingham

“why has it taken so long for something like this to come to market?”

“such an obvious idea, but such a good one”

“we were only saying last week that as the nights draw in, we really need to be able to signal clearly”

Watch the YouTube promo video

November 30, 2012

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Q: Where in London did Ken Tedder have his near miss which resulted in the indic8or?

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