Boris Wants Second Term as London Mayor

But will he face a rematch with Ken?

London Mayor Boris Johnson has confirmed he will be seeking re-election for a second term.  The Mayor, formerly a Tory MP, made the announcement this morning on Nick Ferrari's show on LBC.

" It is my intention and indeed I have written to seek the nomination to serve as Mayor for another term," he said.

" I have got tough challenges on crime, improving the urban environment. I do think it is a good record so far and I am proud to defend it."

Labour is set to decide later this month whether to select former mayor Ken Livingstone or ex-MP Oona King will be its candidate in the election in 2012. "I expect they will go for Ken," said Boris. "The union block vote will go behind the old war horse I suppose."

Ken meanwhile, was quick off the mark urging voters to hold the mayor to account:
"I welcome Boris Johnson's confirmation that he will run again in 2012 because he now has a record that means he can be held to account,".

" Boris Johnson cannot escape the fact that he has pioneered huge cuts in London and he vigorously campaigned for his Tory colleagues to win the general election, knowing full well the economic policy they would deliver and the damage they would do to policing and transport. The Government's cuts are his cuts.

"For those who want to express their opposition to the cuts and higher fares of Boris Johnson and David Cameron the first opportunity to send a signal that they want something better will be to remove Boris Johnson from office in 2012."

September 10, 2010