John Parnham Kid's World Children's Fair

4 days only - don't miss it!

A family funfair is being held on
Wimbledon Common
near the village
SW19 4TG

for 2 weekends of fun!

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th Sept
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th Sept

Open daily 11am to 7pm

The fair is a token operated event. No cash on rides or stalls accepted. Tokens on sale at booth. 1 token £1.00. 12 tokens £10.00.



August 31, 2016


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John Parnham Funfairs

The fair is organised by
John Parnham Funfairs

who have been in the amusement and leisure industry in London for over 100 years.

For further information call
07956 245 531