Wine Tasting Dinner At Enoteca Turi

Friuli and Alto Adige - Two great white wine districts ready to be discovered!

These two regions have a fascinating history including being part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before the Unification of Italy.

This wine tasting on 19th May will explore the 2 terroirs, the distinctive styles of wine they produce and the perfect match they make for the complex cuisines of both regions

Both Friuli and Alto Adige in the north-east and north of Italy produce some of the finest white wines in Italy on a par with the best around the world. This great success has been achieved in a relatively short time. The reason for this is their incredible terroir and microclimate that are ideal for white wines. Today a number of artisan producers have emerged as producing exceptional world class white wines. Their obsessive search for excellence in choosing the best sites and in refining winemaking practice is now paying off

Among the producers represented, Cantina Terlano, Hofstatter (Alto Adige) as well as Borgo del Tiglio, Miani (Friuli) are at the forefront of their field and the inspiration of white wine producers around Italy.

Cost £115 per person - For reservations email: info@enotecaturi


Crab, fresh pea and basil crostini
Mackarel in saor
Organic Carne salada, lightly smoked red cabbage, mustard sauce
Frico potato and cheese cakes

Pinot Grigio DOC 2013 J Hofstatter


Insalata di speck d’anatra, crescione, rapanelli e salsa al rafano e mele verde
Smoked duck breast with watercress, radish, green apple and horseradish salsa

Friulano Colli Orientali DOC 2011 Croatto
Pinot Bianco Vorberg Riserva DOC 2010 Cantina Terlano


Cannelloni al nero con baccala mantecato ragu di seppia con giardiniera di verdure
Black cannelloni filled with skrei stockfish cod and potato, spring vegetable,
fresh tomato coulis, cuttlefish ragout

Sauvignon Bianco DOC Quartz 2012 Cantina Terlano
Gewurtztraminer Kolbenhof DOC 2012 Hofstatter


Rombo chiodato, capesante, orzotto al granchio, zafferano e fiori di zucchine,
insalata tiepida

Fillet of turbot and scallops with crab, saffron and courgette flower barley risotto,
warm courgette salad

Studio di Bianco DOC 2008 Borgo del Tiglio
Ribolla Gialla Pettarin DOC Colli Orientali del Friuli 2011 Miani


Tartina di frutti di bosco, crema allo zenzero, gelatina di rabarbaro
Mixed berry tart, ginger cream and rhubarb jelly

Vola Vola DOC Le vigne di Zamo




May 20, 2015