Celebrate Game, Truffles And Chestnuts At Enoteca Turi

With a special seasonal menu of nature's autumn gifts

The gathering of Autumn's gifts of nature is always eagerly awaited in Italy's countryside, and an exciting pastime for many locals.

We are taking advantage of three of Autumn's most cherished ingredients - WHITE TRUFFLE, GAME AND CHESTNUTS. Chef Massimo has created a special menu and game featured may include pheasant, partridge, venison, mallard sourced from the Rhug Organic Estate in Wales, where they live in the wild in a healthy, sustainable environment.

This year's white truffles are of excellent quality, but it has not been an abundant year because of the dryish summer.

Cheaper than last year's exorbitant prices (which stopped us being able to have this treat), £3000 per kilo, compared to last year's £4500, we are able to offer white truffle at £8 per gram which makes this a great value experience.

Truffle supplement £8 per gram

“Uova in Cereghin”, polenta taragna £12.00 V *
Poached organic egg, soft buckwheat and yellow polenta,
fontina cheese fonduta (truffle supplement)
Tagliolini burro, panna, parmigiano £12.00/£16.00 V
Egg tagliolini with butter, cream and parmesan (truffle supplement)
Risotto con taleggio £12.00/£16.00 V *
Taleggio risotto (truffle supplement)
Fagiano, verza e castagne £24.00 *
Roast breast of pheasant, Savoy cabbage stuffed with braised leg,
chestnuts and fonduta (truffle supplement)
Mousse di castagne e cioccolato £9.50 *
Chestnut and milk chocolate mousse

The truffle has been highly prized since antiquity; the Romans believed it was the food of the gods and an aphrodisiac.

According to legend, this divine product was the result of Jupiter's thunderbolt striking the soil near an oak tree.

Its aura as a rare delicacy has been its hallmark throughout history, adorning the tables of kings, popes, nobles and celebrities.


Truffle or Tartufo in Italian (derived from the Latin Tuber) is a mushroom that grows under-ground near or on roots of some trees including beech, poplar, oak, birch, hornbeam, and hazel.

However, as the price varies from let’s say £150 per kilo up to £5,000 per kilo, it is important to know your truffles. So that begs the question, which truffle? Black or White?

Tartufo Estivo (Tuber Aestivum,) and Tartufo Nero Scorzone (Tuber Uncinatum), are two similar varieties of black truffle, most widely used in restaurants due to their versatility and affordability. Estivo harvested from March to September has a pleasant mild hazelnut flavour, pale flesh with grey veins. Nero Scorzone, similar in appearance is collected from October to February and is particularly good in sauces for game dishes.

Tartufo Nero Pregiato (Tuber Melanosporum), also known as black Périgord truffle, is the king of the black truffle. Found in late autumn, it is distinguishable from the others by its black-brown skin with small pyramidal cusps and its black brown flesh with white veins. It is often used in haut cuisine to enhance meat dishes and sauces due to its overpowering smell and sweet intensity.

Black truffle is better to cook with, although it can also be grated raw onto dishes.

Bianchetto Truffle (Tuber Borchii Vittadini) is a white spring truffle found from January to early April. It has its own distinctive flavour milder than the Magnatum Pico and is best shaved on fresh pasta dishes.

Tartufo Bianco d’Alba (Tuber Magnatum) White Truffle is the most expensive, rare and sublime of the truffle species. The most prized of these comes from Piedmont in Langhe, around the town of Alba with its annual Truffle Fair. The intensity of the flavour of this tuber is such that 2 to 3 grams are enough to make a simple butter tagliolini or parmesan risotto an unforgettable experience. Prices range from £2,500 to £5,000 per kilo depending on quality and availability.


October 24, 2018