An Early Christmas Gift From The Culture Gym & Kitchen

No membership fees - just come & train

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culture gym & kitchen
9 Osiers Road, Wandsworth, SW18 1NL

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The Culture Gym & Kitchen can be found at Point Pleasant on the border of Putney and Wandsworth. At the heart of culture is 11,000ft2 of world-class training space and complementary facilities that brings together fitness, lifestyle, entertainment and relaxation.

Monthly membership is usually £62 BUT for December there are no fees - simply turn up and use the gym and restaurant.

Culture is a family operation, created by husband and wife Petr Pavelec and Sylvie Siklosi. Petr is a highly qualified personal trainer. He has spent his life training to compete at the highest level as a sportsman and bodybuilder, giving him real personal insight into every step of the training process.

Sylvie is a passionate healthy eating advocate who brings in-depth understanding of fitness nutrition and serious Italian cooking skills to the table. Together, they have formed the perfect partnership of training and diet.

Open from early in the morning, Culture Kitchen offers a changing menu of filling breakfasts, delicious fresh salads, hot meals and protein-based alternatives for those who need an extra intake. You can even choose from a range of guilt-free desserts. Everything is in-season, locally sourced, fresh and home made by Sylvie and her team.

Here's what one culture member has to say:

So I’ve been using Culture Gym and Kitchen in Wandsworth for the last few months and it is, by far, the best gym I have ever trained in. I love the fact that it is open at 5am during the week so that I can get my workout done before work and enjoy the rest of the day guilt free.

They have some amazing pieces of equipment too. For those interested in cardio they have an abundance of treadmills and other great machines. I am more interested in body building so I’m never bored working out with heavier weights and trying new machines–it’s the ideal place for the gym novice or the successful body builder. In fact, I have met some really famous health and fitness personalities while training at Culture. People like Ash Edelman, Obi Vincent, James Alexander Ellis and Katka Kutmanova. It’s so inspiring being around so many legends and I feel like I’m picking up so much from them in terms of technique and form just by watching them train. 

I’ve got to mention the food too! It is amazing!! Some days I just go there for the food. They do a great meal prep service so I often ask them to make my meals for a few days so I’m not tempted to stray from my diet.  

All-in-all an absolutely great place to keep fit and healthy. I’m so glad it’s on my doorstep, but I know that there are a few members who travel from all over London to workout here, which tells you how good it is. 

Philip Crilly
Pharmacy Teaching Fellow


November 23, 2016