Southfields businessman killed in mosque attack

Muhammad Bilal among 93 victims of terrorists

Businessman Muhammad Bilal, from Southfields, was killed in a co-ordinated terrorist attack on two mosques in Lahore, Pakistan, on Friday.

Mr Bilal, a 58-year-old father-of-three, was in Lahore on a business trip and was visiting the Darul Zikr mosque with colleagues. He had set up a medical clinic and provided financial help to the poor of Lahore.

He was killed during attacks on two mosques of the minority Ahmadi sect which took place during Friday prayers. Two teams of gunmen, some wearing suicide vests, were reported to have fired at worshippers, killing 93 people, while holding off police.

At least two of the seven attackers were captured, while some died in the standoff that followed. Local TV channels in Lahore have reported the Pakistani Taliban, or one of its affiliates, had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Mr Bilal's family flew to Pakistan on Sunday for his funeral. His nephew, Sardar Fareed, said: "His loss will not only be felt by his direct family members but also by many more.

"He was a true servant of humanity. Muhammad was a living example of the Ahmadi Muslim motto 'Love for All, Hatred for None'."

June 1, 2010

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