Special Parking Permits For Tennis Championships

Southfields residents receive car passes

People living in Southfields have now received special parking permits that can be used by friends and relatives who visit them during the Wimbledon tennis championships.

The temporary parking permits have been issued free of charge to all households living near to the All England Club.

They are designed to be used by friends, relatives, carers and other visitors because pay and display parking facilities throughout the area are suspended each year until the tennis championships conclude to prevent tennis fans from occupying local residents' parking spaces.

Each household has been provided with two free permits, which should be used from Monday, June 22 when Wimbledon fortnight begins.

Although these temporary permits are primarily designed for visitors, they can also be used by residents if they find they cannot park near their homes and need to park in an adjacent parking zone.

Different rules apply for parking on housing estates in the area. The housing department
provides its tenants and leaseholders with permits and visitor permits which are unaffected bythe changes to the rules on parking on the public highway.

Anyone who unlawfully parks their car on an estate without displaying a valid permit could be towed away.

For more information about parking arrangements in Southfields during the
Wimbledon fortnight please call the Parking Helpline on 0208-871-8871.

June 11, 2010

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