Ken Livingstone Is Labour's Mayoral Candidate

It's a Boris v Ken re-match in 2012

Ken Livingstone has today been selected as Labour's candidate for the London mayoral race in 2012 - a repeat of the 2008 election.

Mr Livingstone, aged 65, beat off Oona King's challenge for the nomination, winning support from 68.6 per cent of party members and the unions.

He said: "We need a Mayor who will stand up for London. The choice between me and Boris Johnson could not be clearer.

"I promise fares under my administration will be lower than if he is re-elected. His conflicts with the Government are phoney. They are designed to shuffle off blame. But they won't wash as he fought to get them elected."

The ex-Mayor also pledged to visit every borough in the coming months as the election campaign hots up.

Ms King, 42, the ex-Bethnal Green and Bow MP, embraced Mr Livingstone after the result was announced. She vowed to work for him in the 2012 campaign and urged her supporters to do so.

Boris Johnson confirmed he was seeking re-election for a second term earlier this month. He said then: "I have got tough challenges on crime, improving the urban environment. I do think it is a good record so far and I am proud to defend it."

September 24, 2010