Eyesore Rail Bridge To Be Painted 'Nearly Pink'

Kingston Road bridge to be re-painted

An eyesore railbridge in Wimbledon Chase is to be re-painted - and the colour is being described as close to pink.

The bridge across the main Kingston Road (right) had some graffiti removed in 2011 after campaigners lobbied Network Rail.

It took them two years, including the presentation of a 700-name petition by Wimbledon MP Stephen Hammond followed by lobbying from Lib Dem Assembly member Caroline Pigeon, before graffiti was removed from the four corners of the bridge.

Now local Lib Dem campaigner Anthony Fairclough has been told by Network Rail that the bridge is due to be re-painted, and it will be pink.

He said a Network Rail spokesperson told him: "I have been advised that this bridge will be painted as agreed by the council.

"To my knowledge this is due to be painted pink – please do not be alarmed as I have been informed that it will not be an eye sore and that it is a nice colour!"

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June 4, 2013