Plea For Historic Wimbledon Chase Co-op Sign To Be Restored

Call for original sign to be featured after current refurbishment

Wimbledon Chase Co-op sign

The mosaic sign at the Wimbledon Chase Co-op. Pic courtesy of Cllr Anthony Fairclough

A plea has been made for historic mosaic signage which has re-emerged during the refurbishment of the Wimbledon Chase Co-operative to be restored and uncovered.

Local Councillor Anthony Fairclough has been among many to have admired the original sign, which has appeared from behind modern-day hoarding on the Kingston Road shop.

He has asked the Co-op if they could restore the sign (as featured in his picture above) and then keep it uncovered. He says he has appealed direct to the company's CEO to get them to feature the signage.

@SaveWimbledon tweeted: "Yes, PLS keep the signage. It’s beautiful, full of local history and memories."

@SarahKHolford commented: "If the railings could be removed and the mosaic cleaned I would think it should be given some sort of heritage status. Could also feature on the front cover of their annual report and other such corporate things…don’t let it go to waste Co-op!"

@medbo added: "Gosh that’s beautiful. There’s enough modern signage in the window for them to not need an overhead sign."

A Co-op Spokesperson said. “We are currently looking into options on retaining the signage. This will be an ongoing project to ensure that if it is able to be repaired, it is preserved in the best way.”

It is understood due to the complexity of the work involved this isn't something that will be fixed by the time the store opens. However, the Co-op has pledged to keep locals updated as much as possible.

June 1, 2021