Low Turn Out Of Voters In Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators' Election

Four of the five elected candidates live in Putney

The results of the 2015 election of Conservators for Wimbledon and Putney Commons, have been released by Electoral Reform Services, who were responsible for the receipt and counting of votes.

Only 16.4% of eligible residents voted in this years elections despite the introduction of on line voting service

The following five candidates were elected:
Shirley Gillbe 4,734 votes
John Cameron 3,999 votes
Nicholas Evans 3,619 votes
Prue White 3,193 votes
Keith Luck 3,010 votes

David Devons and John Horrocks did not stand as candidates at this election, Jenny Evanson has moved away from the area. Professor Robin Touquet and Mr Andrew Simons were not re-elected.

David Devons Chairman commented: "I would like to thank all 17 candidates for standing in the election and congratulate the five who were successful. I wish them well in their role as Conservators and Trustees of the charity, especially in working with the Chief Executive and his management team to continue with the implementation of the recommendations of the approved Governance Review. This will ensure that the Commons remain under independent control for the benefit of current and future generations.”

The Returning Officer for the election, Sir Ian Andrews, went on to say “Although this year for the first time we introduced the option of online voting – of which some 1700 electors took advantage – the turn out for this election was disappointingly low at only 16.4%. We will continue to look at ways to encourage more of the Levy-payers to exercise their vote at future elections. I should like to take this opportunity to thank David Devons, Andrew Simon and John Horrocks for their many years of dedicated service to the Commons, and also Jenny Evanson and Professor Robin Touquet for their service over the last three years”.

The election for Conservators is held every three years. There are eight Conservators, five of whom are elected by the 64,975 levy-payers living within three-quarters of a mile of the Commons. The remaining three are appointed by Government Departments.

February 27, 2015