Merton Votes No To AV

Local results show big majority in favour of status quo


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Local voting in the referendum has delivered a decisive 'no' to any changes in the electoral system. In what David Cameron said was a "clear and resounding answer" over two third of the vote nationally was in favour of maintaining the status quo.

Just over 1 million people in London voted with 60% of them saying no in a turnout of 35% of the electorate. The voting in the borough of Merton was in line with London as a whole with 66.6% (33,573) voting no and 35.4% (18,375) voting yes. 51,948 of an electorate of 130,419 voted representing a turnout of 39.9%

Only three London boroughs (Hackney, Haringey and Southwark) voted yes.

Nationally, 13 million people voted no with just over 6 million voting yes representing a majority for the no vote of 67.9/32.1.

May 8, 2011